I love that aha moment  that I get to witness when you learn how to get the affect you want in your pictures.  I teach beginner and intermediate level photography.  We start with the basics, the exposure triangle, your camera functionality, and then move on to getting better photos.  You will leave your first class with the tools to start taking control of your photo results.

     A lot of people rely on post processing to make their photos look good, and I'm all for producing the best you can.  But, just imagine the possibilities with post processing when the photos come out of the camera already looking fantastic.  It's not always easy to recover detail of a photo that is taken too dark or too light.  Imagine a photo that shows good lighting because you had a better understanding of photography and how to manipulate your camera for better results.  The possibilities in post processing become endless.  This isn't a post processing class, although I mention it for a deeper connection to the whole photography process.

     In these classes, I will give you specific camera settings to start with so that you're taking photos with an expectation of the outcome.  As you continue to experience a new level of photography for yourself, the possibilities become endless.

     So, let's get you started on capturing moments for the first time or digging deeper into photography for better results!




You're picking up a camera for the first time or fairly new to photography and want to learn the basics of how it works.


You're ready to get out of auto mode and learn to take control of your camera and the outcome of your photos.

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Show Movement
Depth of Field