While many of you know me as a photographer, my prior 20 years experience is in marketing and operations for large, national healthcare corporations.  I was also often the liaison because of my ability to understand and communicate the needs of different departments and clients, and therefore manage projects across company divisions, including being project manager of the online user interface for clients. 


     When I left the corporate world and needed a website for my photography business, I got busy learning and designing my own.  I've designed a number of sites for other individuals and businesses that were brought about by conversations and referrals and enjoy both the business and creative side of designing websites, and I keep both of these perspectives in cue when creating a site.

On a more personal note...

     I'm a mom of the two most amazing children in the world.  My husband, who passed away in 2013, continues to be my inspiration and will forever be in our hearts.  I love photography and enjoy an active lifestyle on the east coast of sunny Florida.

My business has transformed into areas that complement my previous years in marketing and operations. It all started with one client asking, "who built your website?"  And since then, while running my photography business, I have started to build a clientele for website development.  I guess sometimes, this is how it begins.

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